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The SOG Candidate Faction 2020

Christopher de Bruijn


In recent years, it has become harder for students to combine their studies with an active student life. Fewer students are becoming active, while experiencing more pressure to quickly finish their studies. This year, I want to combat this issue by ensuring that flexibility and academic freedom are achieved. Additionally, it is more important than ever to make sure that students’ voices are heard, and that the university sees us students as a top priority in its decision making. Finally, I want to ensure that the university creates concrete implementation plans about important topics such as sustainability, internationalization, and education. This way, their vision, approach, and the benefits for students should become crystal clear.

Lotte Karsten


I think it is very important to have the opportunity to lead an active student life. A vote for me is a vote for a better balance between general studying AND your freedom to develop yourselves alongside your studies. Why? Many students experience stress due to the overload of obligations and study assignments that discourages them from participating in committees, board years and/or becoming an active member of a student or study association. This is why I fight for the interests of the active student. Throughout my CUOS board year (organ of the UG), I understand how our university works, I have built up good contacts inside, and I know how we can improve the UG considerably, effectively, and harmoniously together. #VOTESOG.


Hannah Jelkmann

Int representative

A vote for me would mean a conscious effort made for the inclusion of both international and dutch students into the lively community of the University. Furthermore, I strive for the continuous improvement of facilities at the University to help incoming students settle down and obtain the guidance they need and require. The University of Groningen is a place in which everyone should feel welcome and heard. As the international representative of the SOG, I will make it my duty to hear and represent every student’s needs, to help and continue the growth of our community. Vote for me for a more stress free life as a student as well as an overall harmonious community. Let’s make it better, together. Vote SOG!


Femke de Ruiter

Faction member

Schooling traditionally paved the way for individuals to achieve respective career-oriented goals. Educationary means, however, should not be perceived as solely instrumental. The academic framework provides guidance in an ever-changing world, whilst administering a platform to spread innovative ideas. Through integrating socially relevant themes, such as sustainability, in study programs, the university must aim to overcome the gap between static academic theories and realistic concerns.
As a faction member for the SOG, I want to achieve more freedom for all students. Mobilizing talent to move beyond ad hoc solutions requires space for the student to prioritize, combine and intertwine within the of context academic possibilities.

Jordy Ossendrijver

Faction member

We all decided to study in Groningen for a reason. For me, it was for the city of Groningen and it’s prolific student life. I chose to run for the university council to preserve that. Nobody should be burdened by study load to become active within an association or to do a board year. I believe that the UG could do more to help active students. The past time has shown how online education can be of help in courses. With a good use of online tools provided by the studies, students can reach their academic freedom. I will commit myself to reach this if I am elected.




Nienke de Jong

Faction member

In the University Council, I will strive to make sustainability more of an issue. I would want to create new bachelors focussed on sustainability, as well as offer more sustainable options in cafetaria. I currently study Environmental sciences at the OU, because it is not possible to study anything on bachelor level regarding the environment.

Furthermore, I believe that a students do not only develop themselves through their studies, but also through various committees and social life. For me, this is what being a student is about. When I’m selected for the council, I will strive to stress the importance of active students, by for example offering every student online recordings of their lectures. 

Kondwani Mkorongo

Faction member

I strongly believe in the importance of having more international students being involved in the decision making process of the university. This will allow for more issues which are important to the international community to be discussed and solved. The university should also have a policy of conscious internationalisation and focus on the integration of international students in to life in Groningen and at the University of Groningen. Another important issue which I believe in is the fact that the university should allow for more flexibility for active students in order for them to have room to participate in various beneficial activities such as boards, committees or entrepreneurial ventures.


Angelica Bercx

Faction member

The opportunity to have an active student life outside of your study is extremely important. Many students are submerged in stress due to the assignment overload that discourage and prevent them from participating in board years, committees, and other various opportunities in Groningen. A vote for me would be a vote for a greater balance in your education and your involvement in activities outside of your study. This would also create room for students to organize and participate in sustainability initiatives. Everything is connected, and step by step we will increase the value of our student life, and through that make our university more sustainable. Vote SOG.