The SOG legal office is part of the Studenten Organisatie Groningen. We give free legal advice to students related to any case or problem. Each student is welcome in the law office with all their questions concerning all aspects related to their student life.

The legal office consist of eight advanced law students from the University of Groningen. We have consultation hours every Wednesday afternoon from 15:00 till 17:00. During the consultation, your case/problem will be treated by two people. In this way, we bundle our knowledge and we can provide advice quickly. The aim is to provide you with free legal advice within a week. Besides that, you can always contact us via email or via the contact form. You can find the contact details below on.

Right now, it is unfortunately not possible to physically go to the legal office. Due to the COVID-19 virus, there has been decided to close the office for as long as it seems to be necessary. It is possible to make an appointment online or by phone.

The legal office is connected to the foundation of ‘Steunpunt huren Groningen’ = the point of support for arbitration costs Groningen. This is a cooperation between the Groninger Studentenbond, the advice bureau for room owners and the legal office of the SOG. This point of support helps individuals who undeserved have payed arbitration costs that were too high when they signed their rental contract.

Did you pay arbitration costs for your room or apartment and want more information about the point of support or help with asking these costs back? Then click here or on the picture on the left. They help also with many more related issues as well! On their website you can already find lots of information on all kinds of legal topics. Go check it out!


The legal office has its online consultation hours every Wednesday afternoon from 15:00 till 17:00. You can email for making an appointment or simply asking your question to Your request will be answered as soon as possible.

Reminder: right now you are not able to visit the office due to the corona measures. You can make a phone or online appointment by emailing to the e-mail address above!

Want to join the office?

Are you an enthusiastic law student at the University of Groningen and have you finished your propaedeutic phase already? Perhaps working for the SOG legal office is something for you then!

We look for new employees twice a year. The application rounds take place in September and February. You can apply by sending your CV and motivation letter to