Our Vision

Our vision on the University of Groningen

Groningen is a city which defines itself by its incredible amount of student associations, a huge variety of different cultures due to internationalisation, and ambitious sustainability plans. What is our vision on this? Read it below in our election program from last year, or scroll a little further for more of a summary. And always keep in mind: We make it Better. Together. 

Since the creation of the SOG in 1972 we have always adjusted to the evolving world around us. Nonetheless, our core values have remained the same. Below you will find our views on different topics concerning the University of Groningen at this time. 


The Active Student

Groningen is a city with an incredible student community, known for the many student associations available for students to join. We believe that joining such student association and having the opportunity to become an active member is essential for you to get the most out of your student life and be able to develop yourself to the fullest. Organizational skills learned by doing committees, boards, co-governance functions, etc. are skills you are not able to learn as well by merely studying. That is why we, the SOG, are always fighting in the University Council to give students the necessary time and space in their studies to be able to participate in these extracurricular activities. 

An attractive characteristic of Groningen is the internationalisation that has been taking place for some time now. People, students and teachers alike, come from all over the world to study here in Groningen, to teach here in Groningen. This grants an amazing opportunity for different cultures to meet each other and learn from one another. However, one cannot deny that it has also brought some problems with the integration between international and Dutch students. This is the reason for us to keep striving for better internationalisation and more integration between the two groups. In our eyes this is a two-way street: both International and Dutch students should try to integrate with each other and learn from each other. A great example of this is the Integration Night we organize together with other associations! 






One thing we cannot deny is that the world needs to change. Every institution, every individual, every cog in the system needs to become more sustainable for us to put a halt to climate change. The University of Groningen has made fantastic steps already in becoming more sustainable, which means that we are now the #2 most sustainable university of the Netherlands, right after the University of Wageningen. However, there is still much to be done, and we are eager to guide the university into a more sustainable future. 

We live in the Netherlands, a state known for its harmony model. This harmony model applies on a national, regional, and local level, and it is something we hold dear to us. Concretely this means that in the University Council we are aware of our position as co-governance, whereas some people might feel like they are in the opposition. The SOG has always worked together in harmony with the different facets of University Council politics, because we firmly believe that in this harmony we can achieve the most. This is the reason why in the University Council we always aim to protect the harmony model and the good relationship between the Council and the Board of the University. Because we make it Better. Together.