You can join and get active at the SOG by participating in one of our committees. In total, we have five committees which are all working hard to organise their own events. These are (1) the Political Activities Committee (PAC), (2) the Societal Activities Committee (MAC), (3) the International Activities Committee, (4) the Editorial Committee and (5) the First-Year Committee.

The SOG is a political party and association, and the Political Activities Committee is a committee revolving around promoting and enhancing the SOG’s political engagement. This committee creates, designs, and initiates a few events a year with influential speakers, workshops, and takes part in the GrunnMUN.

The Societal Activities Committee creates a few social events per year, involves itself in charitable events, and is about actively trying to improve the social wellbeing in Groningen. This committee aims to spread awareness and promote the SOG’s standpoints on critical issues such as sustainability.

The First-Year Committee is a new committee that will help promote the SOG among the first-year students. This committee will be in charge of creating social events, where the activities can be more informal and celebratory, and encourage other students to become members of the SOG. They created their own instagram account, make sure to follow it to not miss out on helpful tips and advice! @sog_firstyears

The SOG strives for conscious internationalisation. This committee helps the SOG integrate Dutch and International students with formal and informal events. They will become responsible for the activities that they create, and advertise for the SOG. 

The Editorial Committee will help the Secretary and the Commissioner of Internal Affairs of the SOG board to create the SOG’s personal magazine ‘the Ruggengraat.’ This magazine discusses topics such as student life to academic interviews, and is used as a promotional means for the SOG.

Make sure to already check out the first volume that the committee has published this year. You can do so via this link: Make sure to be subscribed to the SOG social media to know when the second volume will be published!

Which functions can you fulfil in each committee?

Each committee consists of a chairman, secretary, treasurer, promotion/event manager and acquisition manager. The role of each function is the same in each committee. What each function entails is explained below.

  • Chairman – As a chairman of a committee you will be in charge of overseeing the other positions, and be a representative figure of the committee during the GMM and the main contact person for the board.
  • Secretary — As a secretary of a committee you will be in charge of administering information, keeping the minutes, and organizing the agenda.
  • Treasurer — As a treasurer of a committee you will be in charge of all the financial means and documents during the year. You will have to log every revenue, loss, and costs, and regularly update the board with financial statements.
  • Promotion/event manager — As a promotion/event manager of a committee you will be in charge of advertising every event. This requires creative skills and regular contact with the PR team of the SOG.
  • Acquisition manager — As an acquisition manager of a committee you will be in charge of finding the acquisition/settings for the events to take place.

Are you still in doubt about something or do you want to know more about one or more committees? In that case, you can send your questions to: