The Student Organization Groningen (SOG) is the oldest group looking after the interests of the students of the University of Groningen. In the current form, the SOG was founded in 2000, but the history dates back to the 70’s.

The Student Organization Groningen was founded in 2000. The history though, dates back way further. In December 1972 Alexander de Mol van Otterloo, Gerdjan Hoekendijk and Miente Everts decided to start the Studenten Organisatie Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (SORUG). The SORUG had to be better at representing the interests of students. The SORUG was an association which organized socially relevant activities and had a faction in the University Council.

In 1976, the Groninger Organisatie voor Studenten (GROS) was discontinued. Instead, the Progressieve Studenten Fractie (PSF) came about. The PSF should become a student organization in that would look after the interest of students that did not feel at home with the Groninger studenten Bond (GsB). The PSF did not exist very long and was discontinued in 1982. In the 80’s another party was founded to operate besides the SORUG. This was the Groninger Universitare Kieslijst (GRUNK) and this was meant to counterbalance and give more alternatives besides the SORUG.

In the late 80’s, beginning of the 90’s the SORUG had a large number of faction members in the University Council. A lot of these members took part in the Council for more than a year. During this time, the SORUG and GRUNK both had a faction in the University Council. There was no competition though between the parties. That is why they decided to merge under the name of Studenten Fractie Groningen (SFG) in the year of 1994. The SORUG kept existing as an association though.

After the SFG was founded, the contact between both organizations kept being good. There was for example a ‘Commissioner SFG’ at the SORUG who stayed in touch with the faction. In 2000 the  SFG as a faction and the SORUG as an association decided to become even more close. This resulted in them joining together as Studenten Organisatie Groningen (SOG). Up till now, the SOG exists in the same form, with a board, a faction and several committees.

The association has known, in every form, a lot of highs and lows, but has stayed relatively stable the past years. Also, the association knows quite a few big names, like mister Rehwinkel (former mayor of Groningen), mister Verkerk (mayor of Delft) and mister De Grave (politician).

As SOG we continue to organize activities and we hope to be able to represent the interest of the students of Groningen for many years to come.