The SOGcast

The SOGcast is an initiative created during the COVID-19 crisis. Due to the COVID-19 measures, Marc de Groot (faction 2019-2020) and Joep Baks (board 2019-2020) came up with the idea to organise an online podcast, which they quickly called ‘the SOGcast’. The objective of the SOGcast has been to sustain the connection and social interaction not only between the members of the SOG but also with all other students studying in Groningen. They regularly hosted and broadcasted a SOGcast via Facebook and Spotify. Moreover, each week they invited one or more special guests with whom they discussed certain current topics. Quickly after the Dutch SOGcast was aired, the international version of the SOGcast came into being. The international SOGcast has been hosted by Kondwani Mkorongo (board 2020-2021) and Hannah Jelkmann (faction 2020-2021). 

Dutch SOGcast 5 July 2020 (with Maarten van Oosterhout)
Dutch SOGcast 20 June 2020 (with Femke de Ruiter and Nienke de Jong)
International SOGcast 11 June 2020
Dutch SOGcast 7 June 2020 (with Martijn Kok)
International SOGcast 3 June 2020 (with Floor Verwijs and Maria Tabares)
Dutch SOGcast 31 May 2020 (with Nienke de Jong)
International SOGcast 31 May 2020 (with Devon Kivlehan)
Dutch SOGcast 16 May 2020 (with Jordy Ossendrijver)
International SOGcast 13 May 2020 (with Greg Charitonos)
Dutch SOGcast 9 May 2020 (with Femke de Ruiter)
International SOGcast 6 May 2020
Dutch SOGcast 2 May 2020 (with Lotte Karsten)
International SOGcast 30 April 2020
Dutch SOGcast 25 April 2020 (with Christopher de Bruijn)
Dutch SOGcast 18 April 2020
Dutch SOGcast 11 April 2020