University Council elections explained

The University Council Elections are important elections for you. The student. It allows you to influence the University’s policies and let your voice to be heard. When you vote SOG, we have a stronger mandate in the University Council due to the amount of seats we will get and the percentage of students that we represent. 

With your vote, we can make it better.

Our Pillars

Below you can find the pillars of the SOG. The foundations of our believes. What is vital to us is that these pillars are discussed with the university in a harmonious manner. 

Active student

You learn so many skills from becoming an active student . More time and space to pursue extracurricular activities is vital.

Conscious internationalisation

Internationalisation is important and beneficial to all students, but it is important that this happens with thought and the right reasons.


As SOG we strive to become as sustainable as possible, as soon as possible. Great steps have been taken, yet more can still be done.