Who we are and what we do

The SOG is an advocacy association for students at the University of Groningen and consists of a board, a faction in the university council and various committees. The SOG represents the interests of all students to represent them in the University. The SOG has no political color, everyone should feel at home with the association. In addition, the SOG is

politically and socially conscious, and this is reflected in a social way; through its low threshold and the various organized activities. Furthermore, the members of the faction and the board are informed of matters related to the University as well as facilities for students. This allows them to inform students about these issues and give them any advice.

The Board, the Faction and the committees

The SOG consists of two main components: (1) the association run by the board and the committees and (2) the SOG faction which is part of the University Council. The board has as its responsibility to make sure the association is running smoothly whereas the faction daily safeguards student life within the University Council. (PS, the elections have started again, so don’t forget to vote!)

Besides the board and faction, the SOG also has 5 committees: the Political Activities Committee (PAC), the Societal Activities Committee (MAC), the International Activities Committee (IAC), the Editorial Committee and the First-Year Committee. Throughout the year they all organize various activities related to all kinds of interesting topics.