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The SOG is an advocacy association for students at the University of Groningen. The association consists of a board, a faction in the University Council and various committees. The SOG represents the interests of all students on a university level and organizes various events throughout the year. By becoming a member you join the biggest political student party of Groningen via which you meet new people, gain valuable experience and the opportunity to make a change. To read more about what we do and who we are, you can click here.

Up coming events

The Taliban: Changing Radicals or Radical Change?
A conversation with Rutger Otten taking place at the Crown, 28th of September, 20.00.

The Our second Orange Monday of the year is taking place on the 4th of October, at Café de Doos at 20.00. Please fill in the form below.

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Some of our ideas

“The University should do everything to bring back normality. Being a student is more than attending lectures. I want to promote all aspects that make up student life.” Johannes Hütten

“Most of a student’s personal development happens outside of the library. I want the University to do everything it can to support students organisations and to provide more room to combine studying with extracurricular activities.” Onno de Wal

1. Active student

We at the SOG value a diverse student life. We think that every student should have the maximum opportunity to develop her/himself besides their studies. Therefore, we promote active student life to make sure that every student is able to develop their skills outside of their studies via activities, opportunities and challenges he or she wants to pursue.

2. Internationalisation

The SOG thinks that Groninger student life will only live up to its fullest potential if all students are involved. This means involving every student in the Groninger student life but also to stimulate communication between students. We believe that by strengthening and developing further internationalisation, the student community will be fully enriched and students will continue to learn from each other.

3. Sustainability

This hotly debated topic is also one of the pillars of the SOG. With an eye on tomorrow, we think that there needs to be drastically more attention and action dedicated to the topic of sustainability. At the SOG we hope to contribute to a more sustainable future through the university as via the efforts of the students of Groningen.